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In our retail meat section you will find the highest quality beef and pork available.  We promise you will get what you pay for.  All of our processing is done on site, which allows us the ability to monitor and maintain the quality you have come to expect from Riteway Meat.  Below are some of the products and services you will find at Riteway Meat.

What you can expect from Riteway Meat Company 
 Locally grown, USDA choice beef, naturally aged
 Lean, locally grown USDA pork.
 Beef and Pork cuts packaged, ready for your freezer (save $ you don't have to purchase special paper and do the wrapping at home)
 Beef and pork locker packs ready for your freezer (contact us for a locker pack list to SAVE $)
 A wide choice of great tasting smoked meats (from our own smokehouse)
 All wrapping done in shrink film instead of butcher paper (3 times the shelf life)
 Special orders always welcomed (please call ahead, see below to contact us)
Smoked Meats 

All of our products are made with the finest quality ingredients and leanest choice cuts of meat available.   Our Jerky and sausages are extremely lean and low in sugar (except for Teriyaki Beef Jerky, which is made using local honey).  We offer 5 varieties of beef jerky and 3 varieties of turkey Jerky, for those who would like something other than beef or pork.  Our turkey jerky is hand sliced, extra thick using only the breast meat of Oregon grown turkeys. 

Riteway's #1 seller for more than 40+ years, our
5 Foot Pepperoni
, famous among the locals and a landmark for those who travel through our town enroute to the beautiful Oregon Coast.  All of our sausages are made from the leanest cuts of local USDA beef and pork, never greasy or full of fat.   We process all of our sausages on site, using our own receipes and each sausage is hand twisted. 

For a real treat, try a Riteway ham.  A local favorite, you will probably find one of our home smoked or honey cured hams on a dinner table in Dundee or Newberg during the holidays.  We start with lean locally grown pork, then each leg is hand trimmed, cured and smoked in our smokehouse for 16 to 18 hours for a very tender juicy and delicious ham, we never add water to artificially moisten them.  You can choose from either our bone in ham or boneless ham.   Another local favorite our extra lean, old fashioned, Home Smoked and Pepper Bacon, you just can't find them like this anymore.

If you would like to purchase any of the items above, click on the appropriate link below.  For more information on any of our services or products, please contact us at:  email: 
sharon@ritewaymeat.com, Phone 503-538-4655 or click on our contact page and leave us a note.

Our Old Style Jerky 
 Home Smoked  - Beef Jerky
 Black Pepper  - Beef Jerky
 Teriyaki  - Beef Jerky
 Garlic  - Beef Jerky
 Red Pepper  - Beef Jerky
 Traditional  - Turkey Jerky
 Lemon Pepper  - Turkey Jerky
 Teriyaki  - Turkey Jerky
Smoked Sausages 
 Pepperoni - Our popular 5 Ft Pepperoni
 Summer Sausage - Made the old fashioned way
 Polish Sausage - A popular sausage at our Rotary Breakfast Event
 Beer Sausage - A bit of a bite!
 Andouille Sausage - Nice cajiun flavor
 Landjaeger **NEW** - German sausage somewhat like salami
 Home Smoked Ham - Bone in or boneless
 Honey Cured Ham - Bone in or boneless
 Smoked Bacon - Old Fashioned or Pepper
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Quality takes an effort and we believe you are worth every bite of it.

Riteway Meat Company
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Dundee, OR 97115
M-F 9 to 6  SAT 9 to 4

email: sharon@ritewaymeat.com

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